Print Ads

The print ad that I worked on was for the Annual Bearcat Golf Tournament at McKendree. I started by finding a picture to be the background of this ad. I found one with the focus on a player looking at his shot from a profile view. The rest of the picture is blurred. I took advantage of this by making the player the focal point. I used the rule of thirds and placed him in the bottom left intersection. I also made sure that he was facing the text and looking into the ad, instead of out of it. The next thing I did was decide where to place the logo for the event. In the end I placed it in the upper left corner. Utilizing the “whitespace” on the right side of the picture, I decided this would be the best place for the text. I used a serif font for the heading “Annual Bearcat Golf Tournament” and a sanserif for the rest of the ad. I put the where, when, and why directly under the heading. And at the bottom I placed the call to action, “For more information…” and the universities statement that I found on the web page, “Competitive Excellence. Academic Integrity. Time Honored Tradition.”


Magazine Covers

This video shows a condensed the hours upon hours of work that goes into making a magazine cover. Getting the perfect shot, photo shopping the image, and then the design and layout of the cover. This particular video shows how they make the Macworld cover.
Although I did not take my own photo for my magazine cover, I still worked with the other two factors of the process. I moved the image, in my case it was a photo of Idena Menzel as Elphaba from the musical Wicked. I made sure to have her looking in towards the magazine instead of away from it. I also worked with the rule of thirds. I put her face in the upper left intersection and the broom she was holding went right along the line through the right intersections.
I chose to do a musical magazine and titled it Broadway, otherwise known as a masthead. The font I chose to use was ironically named Broadway as well, so I thought it was fitting. I pulled the color from Elphaba’s skin with the eyedropper tool and used this and white as the color scheme for the cover. I thought the dark background worked well with the green and white.
With other elements of the cover I chose to only put a few headlines. I wanted the impact to be on Idena Menzel and Wicked as a whole. I also chose to use two different fonts for each story. I would use a serif font for the person’s name who the inside article was about, and then underneath that I would use a sanserif font for the little blurb.

Gatorade Facebook Cover Photo

Gatorade Facebook Cover Photo

High intensity & dramatic.
This is what Gatorade wants to show you when you first come to their Facebook page.
The first thing you want to do when people see something associated with your brand is know what it is. If you notice, they don’t actually have the word “Gatorade” in their cover photo or profile photo. They are a huge company and already have their brand established through a type of brand journalism.
In this cover photo in particular, they are branding themselves as “promoting the team.” This includes people who love and use your product. Which for Gatorade includes sports teams. They keep the intensity in this photo by showing the captain of the team getting “hyped” in the pre-game huddle. Even though I don’t think Gatorade expects you to think he is that excited over drinking or having Gatorade, it does bring that energy to the picture and therefore the brand.
Next time you are feeling “hyped” they want you to think of this and want a Gatorade. Brand Journalism.

Newspaper Dummy

For this project I pretended to be the newspaper editor. I decided the newspaper home page layout with a few specifications, six headlines, one ad, and the flag. Out of the six headlines I had to choose which ones were of most importance (above the fold), and which ones could wait for the reader to purchase the paper (below the fold.)

For this newspaper I put my headlines in this order:
H1 – Algerian Strike Hits Militants, Hostages
H2 – Armstrong Confession is Light on Details
H3 – Stores Seek Edge vs. Web
(all above the fold)
H4 – Original ‘Dear Abby’ Advice Columnist Dies
H5 – Fun Things To Do When It’s Cold Outside
H6 – Downtown Movies Score a Comeback
(below the fold)

The H1 story took up the majority of the newspaper front, especially above the fold. I used a byline for this story because I felt that it was necessary to have the credentials for such an important story. I used a picture of where the hostages may be, so a map of Algeria was above the last two of the three columns. I also used a jump line at the end.

H2 contained a picture of Lance Armstrong speaking above the one column, but below the headline. I decided not to put a jump line in this column because of the title saying “light on details” so I figured the newspaper would do a follow up story that would be longer.

H3 was a small one column blurb at the top right of the newspaper. I used a jump line because I did not want to use too much space on this article.

For H4 I used a mug shot of ‘Dear Abby’ to start the four column article. I also put a deck below the headline. I thought both would make the story more personal.

For H5 I used a “fast-facts box” of things to do when it’s cold outside, as the heading suggests. There was also a one column article in the bottom left corner with a jump line at the end to continue the story.

Lastly H6 was right next to H5 and was one column. It started with an initial cap and ended with a jump line.

The only other thing that was on the page was the ad, which I placed at the bottom right of the page.

Wire frame – Admire Artist Agency

When posed with the question of what type of business to make a wire frame for, I decided to go with something that interested me. Booking agencies. I decided to create my own agency named Admire Artist Agency.

Because the header is the first thing people see when they come to your website, I started with designing my logo. I wanted to do something with the A’s, but   AAA is already taken, so I decided to use something that looks like an A but could be easily identified. Along with the logo I decided that I would put the actual name since the logo does not include it. So on the opposite side, I included the name and the two places my company works out of, Chicago and St. Louis.

ImageThe logo for my agency.

The next thing I added was the design element. I put scrolling images of different artists and performers with text that said what each image was. I felt that this would give customers/clients a feel of what the site offered.


The next thing I worked on was the navigation which included the different types of artists I would offer; Comedy/Variety, Musicians, and Speakers. I also included a Package Deals tab and a Contact Us tab. I felt that this would be helpful to potential customers knowing that we offered deals and that we would be easy to contact.  

I made sure to put the About Us section above the fold on the home page as the Primary Text. I also wanted to include a picture of Upper Staff in the office. Because I often work with these agencies, I like to know that I am talking to a real person. I felt that a picture gave the site legitimacy. 

My secondary text was a News section for updates on artists and other information customers/clients would appreciate.

The footer of my homepage includes the addresses and contact information for both locations. As a designer I liked the white space that was left by placing the contact information directly beneath the copyright information.

***This was one of my favorite projects. It really made me think that I might want to do this for a job after school.


Future Career Help



Some of my most rewarding moments as an event planner are times clients call me super excited to share feedback from their guests on how fancy their event was, many times they tell me everyone said ” it must have cost a fortune” or “where did you get that” (then they are shocked to find out where or how). This past weekend I helped a friend plan a dinner party we kept it simple, chic, and best of all CHEAP! (shhh)

A great event does not have to put you in debt: negotiation skills, a few great sales, and a little creativity can stretch your budget like its nobody’s business, or party:)

Here I will give some tips on how to have an impressive dinner party without breaking the bank.

1)  Order your Wine by the Case – You get a discount, you will not run out of wine, and you…

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Definately want to do this with all of my Tri-Sigma shirts when I graduate college!

California Endless Summer

Goodness, I have accumulated so many t-shirts over time from soccer tournaments to cross country races and beyond.  I love wearing them all, but when they started to fray and well get those lovely stains, I know it’s time to retire them.  So, what do you do with all those shirts? I didn’t want to throw them out, but wanted to display them.  What about a blanket?

When I began the task of creating a t-shirt blanket, I had every intention of taking pictures of each step.  Well, five or so months later, I plumb forgot. 🙂 But, I’m still going to share it with you and maybe my vivid descriptions will help paint a picture for you.

1.  Determine how large of a blanket you would like.  This will ultimately impact how many t-shirts you use, but I would recommend about 30 shirts, which creates a 5×6 rectangle.  This is…

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