Definitely need to try this with Britani Beasley sometime soon!

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Hi there!

Yesterday I decided I didn’t have enough mugs at home, so I went out to buy a new one. But when I was on my way to the city centre, I thought about something I always wanted to do: decorating a mug with a sharpie (or other permanent pen). So I got to the nearest all-one-pound-store and got a simple white mug and a pack of 4 sharpies, all for less than 2 pounds.

And here’s the result!

Like it huh? Go on and you’ll know how to do it…

What you need:
White mug
– Sharpie or other permanent marker
– Oven
– Alcohol
– Cotton or toilet paper.

How to do it:

– Draw something in the mug. If you make a mistake, just rub a bit of cotton with alcohol on it.
– Let it dry for half an hour.
– Put it in…

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