Definately want to do this with all of my Tri-Sigma shirts when I graduate college!

California Endless Summer

Goodness, I have accumulated so many t-shirts over time from soccer tournaments to cross country races and beyond.  I love wearing them all, but when they started to fray and well get those lovely stains, I know it’s time to retire them.  So, what do you do with all those shirts? I didn’t want to throw them out, but wanted to display them.  What about a blanket?

When I began the task of creating a t-shirt blanket, I had every intention of taking pictures of each step.  Well, five or so months later, I plumb forgot. 🙂 But, I’m still going to share it with you and maybe my vivid descriptions will help paint a picture for you.

1.  Determine how large of a blanket you would like.  This will ultimately impact how many t-shirts you use, but I would recommend about 30 shirts, which creates a 5×6 rectangle.  This is…

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