Gatorade Facebook Cover Photo

Gatorade Facebook Cover Photo

High intensity & dramatic.
This is what Gatorade wants to show you when you first come to their Facebook page.
The first thing you want to do when people see something associated with your brand is know what it is. If you notice, they don’t actually have the word “Gatorade” in their cover photo or profile photo. They are a huge company and already have their brand established through a type of brand journalism.
In this cover photo in particular, they are branding themselves as “promoting the team.” This includes people who love and use your product. Which for Gatorade includes sports teams. They keep the intensity in this photo by showing the captain of the team getting “hyped” in the pre-game huddle. Even though I don’t think Gatorade expects you to think he is that excited over drinking or having Gatorade, it does bring that energy to the picture and therefore the brand.
Next time you are feeling “hyped” they want you to think of this and want a Gatorade. Brand Journalism.


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