Magazine Covers

This video shows a condensed the hours upon hours of work that goes into making a magazine cover. Getting the perfect shot, photo shopping the image, and then the design and layout of the cover. This particular video shows how they make the Macworld cover.
Although I did not take my own photo for my magazine cover, I still worked with the other two factors of the process. I moved the image, in my case it was a photo of Idena Menzel as Elphaba from the musical Wicked. I made sure to have her looking in towards the magazine instead of away from it. I also worked with the rule of thirds. I put her face in the upper left intersection and the broom she was holding went right along the line through the right intersections.
I chose to do a musical magazine and titled it Broadway, otherwise known as a masthead. The font I chose to use was ironically named Broadway as well, so I thought it was fitting. I pulled the color from Elphaba’s skin with the eyedropper tool and used this and white as the color scheme for the cover. I thought the dark background worked well with the green and white.
With other elements of the cover I chose to only put a few headlines. I wanted the impact to be on Idena Menzel and Wicked as a whole. I also chose to use two different fonts for each story. I would use a serif font for the person’s name who the inside article was about, and then underneath that I would use a sanserif font for the little blurb.


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