Newspaper Dummy

For this project I pretended to be the newspaper editor. I decided the newspaper home page layout with a few specifications, six headlines, one ad, and the flag. Out of the six headlines I had to choose which ones were of most importance (above the fold), and which ones could wait for the reader to purchase the paper (below the fold.)

For this newspaper I put my headlines in this order:
H1 – Algerian Strike Hits Militants, Hostages
H2 – Armstrong Confession is Light on Details
H3 – Stores Seek Edge vs. Web
(all above the fold)
H4 – Original ‘Dear Abby’ Advice Columnist Dies
H5 – Fun Things To Do When It’s Cold Outside
H6 – Downtown Movies Score a Comeback
(below the fold)

The H1 story took up the majority of the newspaper front, especially above the fold. I used a byline for this story because I felt that it was necessary to have the credentials for such an important story. I used a picture of where the hostages may be, so a map of Algeria was above the last two of the three columns. I also used a jump line at the end.

H2 contained a picture of Lance Armstrong speaking above the one column, but below the headline. I decided not to put a jump line in this column because of the title saying “light on details” so I figured the newspaper would do a follow up story that would be longer.

H3 was a small one column blurb at the top right of the newspaper. I used a jump line because I did not want to use too much space on this article.

For H4 I used a mug shot of ‘Dear Abby’ to start the four column article. I also put a deck below the headline. I thought both would make the story more personal.

For H5 I used a “fast-facts box” of things to do when it’s cold outside, as the heading suggests. There was also a one column article in the bottom left corner with a jump line at the end to continue the story.

Lastly H6 was right next to H5 and was one column. It started with an initial cap and ended with a jump line.

The only other thing that was on the page was the ad, which I placed at the bottom right of the page.


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