Print Ads

The print ad that I worked on was for the Annual Bearcat Golf Tournament at McKendree. I started by finding a picture to be the background of this ad. I found one with the focus on a player looking at his shot from a profile view. The rest of the picture is blurred. I took advantage of this by making the player the focal point. I used the rule of thirds and placed him in the bottom left intersection. I also made sure that he was facing the text and looking into the ad, instead of out of it. The next thing I did was decide where to place the logo for the event. In the end I placed it in the upper left corner. Utilizing the “whitespace” on the right side of the picture, I decided this would be the best place for the text. I used a serif font for the heading “Annual Bearcat Golf Tournament” and a sanserif for the rest of the ad. I put the where, when, and why directly under the heading. And at the bottom I placed the call to action, “For more information…” and the universities statement that I found on the web page, “Competitive Excellence. Academic Integrity. Time Honored Tradition.”


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