Wire frame – Admire Artist Agency

When posed with the question of what type of business to make a wire frame for, I decided to go with something that interested me. Booking agencies. I decided to create my own agency named Admire Artist Agency.

Because the header is the first thing people see when they come to your website, I started with designing my logo. I wanted to do something with the A’s, but   AAA is already taken, so I decided to use something that looks like an A but could be easily identified. Along with the logo I decided that I would put the actual name since the logo does not include it. So on the opposite side, I included the name and the two places my company works out of, Chicago and St. Louis.

ImageThe logo for my agency.

The next thing I added was the design element. I put scrolling images of different artists and performers with text that said what each image was. I felt that this would give customers/clients a feel of what the site offered.


The next thing I worked on was the navigation which included the different types of artists I would offer; Comedy/Variety, Musicians, and Speakers. I also included a Package Deals tab and a Contact Us tab. I felt that this would be helpful to potential customers knowing that we offered deals and that we would be easy to contact.  

I made sure to put the About Us section above the fold on the home page as the Primary Text. I also wanted to include a picture of Upper Staff in the office. Because I often work with these agencies, I like to know that I am talking to a real person. I felt that a picture gave the site legitimacy. 

My secondary text was a News section for updates on artists and other information customers/clients would appreciate.

The footer of my homepage includes the addresses and contact information for both locations. As a designer I liked the white space that was left by placing the contact information directly beneath the copyright information.

***This was one of my favorite projects. It really made me think that I might want to do this for a job after school.



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