Print Ads

The print ad that I worked on was for the Annual Bearcat Golf Tournament at McKendree. I started by finding a picture to be the background of this ad. I found one with the focus on a player looking at his shot from a profile view. The rest of the picture is blurred. I took […]

Magazine Covers

This video shows a condensed the hours upon hours of work that goes into making a magazine cover. Getting the perfect shot, photo shopping the image, and then the design and layout of the cover. This particular video shows how they make the Macworld cover. Although I did not take my own photo for my […]

Gatorade Facebook Cover Photo

High intensity & dramatic. This is what Gatorade wants to show you when you first come to their Facebook page. The first thing you want to do when people see something associated with your brand is know what it is. If you notice, they don’t actually have the word “Gatorade” in their cover photo or […]

Newspaper Dummy

For this project I pretended to be the newspaper editor. I decided the newspaper home page layout with a few specifications, six headlines, one ad, and the flag. Out of the six headlines I had to choose which ones were of most importance (above the fold), and which ones could wait for the reader to […]

Wire frame – Admire Artist Agency

When posed with the question of what type of business to make a wire frame for, I decided to go with something that interested me. Booking agencies. I decided to create my own agency named Admire Artist Agency. Because the header is the first thing people see when they come to your website, I started […]

Originally posted on Dandelion:
Some of my most rewarding moments as an event planner are times clients call me super excited to share feedback from their guests on how fancy their event was, many times they tell me everyone said ” it must have cost a fortune” or “where did you get that” (then they are shocked…

Originally posted on California Endless Summer:
Goodness, I have accumulated so many t-shirts over time from soccer tournaments to cross country races and beyond.  I love wearing them all, but when they started to fray and well get those lovely stains, I know it’s time to retire them.  So, what do you do with all…